Killing Enemies and a Total Rewrite

I realize that the game is in pretty early development, but I just spent the last couple days doing a total rewrite of most systems. As I was trying to add new features to the old version, I started to run into more and more problems. I hadn’t really planed ahead how I was going to accomplish new things. Hopefully I can be back to where I was at the beginning of the week with some steady programming.

First, the game now has a Finite-State Machine built in. This allows animations and actions to happen over time. Before, my GameBoard class was doing all the heavy lifting and didn’t make it easy to add transitions or different phases of play to happen. Now, I can wait for transitions to happen, like tiles moving into place or enemies damaging the player, before I move on to something else.

Second, I added a localization system for my strings. Before, everything was hardcoded in, such as ability names and descriptions. Now I am using json files to store all this information and load it in at runtime.

Third, tiles can update themselves based on which tiles are currently selected by the player. Right now I only have it working when skeletons and enough swords are selected to kill them, but this should make for some new gameplay ideas.

Match Skeleton Kills


Today, I added Dotween to my project. Before today, when something happened, it happened instantly. Now, when I want to fade, scale, or move something, it happens gradually over time. I think this makes everything appear much smoother and less jarring.

Match Tweens

Ability System and Toolips

I spent most of today adding in the ability system and the start of a tooltip system.

The ability system is extendable to have active and passive abilities. When an ability is used, it is put on cooldown. The one shown in the clip is “Disarm” and it turns all skulls into swords.

The tooltip system is pretty basic right now. I had to implement a longpress system for a unity button. This allows for a single click or a long click to register as different methods.

Match Ability Tooltip

UI Work

Started working on the layout of the user interface. I figured I would put the ability buttons at the bottom. That way they can be reached while playing with one hand. Not sure how that is going to feel though. I’m happy with how the different bars turned out. (health, armor, coins, and XP)


Match UI WIP

Dungeon Match Prototype

The first smartphone I owned was an iPhone 3GS. It was a game changer that turned me on to simple mobile games. One of the games that I played the most was Dungeon Raid. The only problem now, is that it is no longer available!

So, I’ve been working on a dungeon match prototype for a few days.  It is finally starting to look like a real game. Many of the behind the scenes systems are in place, and I still need to figure out what sort of theme to shoot for.